ENFA – Social Experiment Video – Mom is number one

This video was shooted with real family. That brought real emotion and motivation for other moms in the world.
The goal of this viral video is fully share the happiest moment of the mothers, who devotes a whole life and sacrifices almost everything for her children – Even though she have to face with many opinions of people out there about the way she being as a “Mom” or just a joke from her husband, but she always be loved by her kids and for them “MOM IS ALWAYS THE BEST”.
How can we getting the Testimonials?
Step 1: Rating
 – We give the judges a rating for each mother. The list include different categories to evaluate each mother in the most objective way.
Step 2: Interview
 – Base on the result of rating board, we will interview the judges some simple questions such as: why did you rate that point?…
 – We have a director & moderator will lead the interview. Start with easy-to-answer questions to create a comfortable atmosphere for the character before giving them the interview’s important question.
After that:
We will show the mother the video of the interview with 2 judges; when the mother has finished watching the interview, in the darkroom, with only light from the projector and spotlight, we let her child appeared to bring a surprise.